Joseba Eskubi - More selections from the ongoing series Insomnia and Hypnosia

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How will we return to life its splendor after the bodies of the young are stolen? He carries his body in his hands and needs no coffin. His hands have become a coffin for his child shrouded in white cloth. He walks with his head high and his tears flowing. But he is lucky that he is still alive…

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You never had to prove them wrong ↘


When you grow up with stigma, people tell you a lot of well-meaning things that actually cause problems. When you face people treating you like you’re less of a person, someone will often say something like:

  • "You’ll prove them all wrong some day".
  • "It’s ok. You’ll…
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So why did you start a blog? I did cos I wanted to howl into the void more effectively. Maybe make a few puns at the void. Hurl a few selfies into the void. Hope the void thinks I’m pretty. 

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new lgbtq women tag



Recently yilduza has requested a tag which could be shared for all women who are attracted to other women, be they lesbians, bisexual, pan, etc - one that is shared and not already in use (e.g. #biphobia #sapphobia, #lesbophobia, etc). A tag for shared experiences which promotes solidarity and is open for all ladies interested in ladies (regardless of whether or not they have other attractions or are only interested in women.) this would absolutely be transwomen inclusive. 

this tag would be rather simply named with a fun latin combo:

di for two and femina for women 


I think that covers it. 

this has been a collaborative effort between a number of bi and lesbian women because we’ve been wanting a collective space to discuss our issues as women who love women that’s not split, like the lesbophobia and biphobia and sapphobia tags.  this is not an attack on those tags, we merely want a more inclusive space where we can collectively discuss both our shared experiences and our different ones!

i would really, really appreciate it if anyone interested would reblog this even if you’re not lgbtq, and even if you don’t personally like us because this tag isn’t about us it’s about creating a space for our community.

in addition, a reminder that trans women who love women are welcome in this tag, so please keep your transphobic bs out of it.

non-binary people who identify with womenhood or as partially women or who are otherwise comfortable posting in a women-for-women tag are absolutely welcome as well. let’s please try and keep this a trans welcoming space!

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Poverty too, like feminism, is often framed as an identity problem. As though the poor had not been created by injustice but are a lost tribe who just happen to exist, and can be rescued in the short term by a system of grievance redressal (administered by NGOs on an individual, person-to-person basis), and whose long-term resurrection will come from Good Governance — under the regime of Global Corporate Capitalism, it goes without saying.

— Arundhati Roy, Capitalism: A Ghost Story (via x09)

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Nonviolent Communication can hurt people ↘



People who struggle interpersonally, who seem unhappy, or who get into a lot of conflicts are often advised to adopt the approach of Nonviolent Communication.

This is often not a good idea. Nonviolent Communication is an approach based on…

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not gay as in happy but ☭ueer as in full communism now

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i strongly encourage everyone who thinks they might not be cis to be trans instead

but also: i strongly encourage everyone who’s cis who doesn’t care about what pronouns people use for them or who doesn’t mind being perceived as other than their…

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reblog if ur tired of occupying a human form and wish to return to the holy bed of moss from whence you came

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Hello tumblr.

I’ve noticed that a lot of y’all are really into the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black. Now, I’m not going to bore you with any prison abolitionist rant here. I just have a request.

You know how Miss Claudette doesn’t get letters? How…

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Sherlementary AU: The Women

In which Jamie Moriarty shares more than just an identity with Irene Adler.

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Embroidered Landscapes and Plants by Ana Teresa Barboza

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