Laverne Cox should play Wonder Woman

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Wow. Did not know this bit of SF history. Apparently Valencia St and not Bernal Heights was not the epicenter of the city’s lesbian community. Also old photos of the Women’s Building!

Apparently Valencia St’s history as lesbian space has been almost completely gentrified out except for Good Vibrations and The Woman’s Building. And even those are both more queer women friendly than queer women centered spaces.

"From a different perspective, Valencia’s lesbian territory is hard to pin down because lesbian space is rarely exclusively lesbian space. On opening night at the Lexington in February 1997, several dozen men joined hundreds of women, but at an equivalent opening night at a Castro gay bar you would be unlikely to see any woman at all. And in the early 1990s, Valencia Street from Fourteenth to Eighteenth Streets was the center of heterosexual prostitution. Further, as is made clear by the terms women’s bar, and women’s building, women’s sex shop, lesbian space is rarely named lesbian space. Although it is part of cultural knowledge that a women’s bar is effectively a lesbian bar, women’s performance spaces and bookstores are historically feminist spaces that include lesbians rather than assuming a lesbian subject.”

—Clare Hemmings, Bisexual Spaces

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I have been trying to figure out a way to use my tumblr in a way that makes sense with my life. I’ve decided to tumblog my reading. Rn: Bisexual Spaces by Clare Hemmings

I have been trying to figure out a way to use my tumblr in a way that makes sense with my life. I’ve decided to tumblog my reading. Rn: Bisexual Spaces by Clare Hemmings

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what if i actually start using tumblr again what would that look like how do u

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remember that show about the ancient chinese cats




Correction: Sagwa, or in Mandarin pinyin, shagua (傻瓜) means idiot/fool. It’s what my parents would call me anytime I did/said something stupid because they are A+ 100% pro parents. Also, it’s a term of endearment because insults are endearing in Chinese. My parents have also called me: bendan (笨蛋) which means idiot/fool but connotes clumsiness/incompetence and xiaobenben (小笨笨) which means little incompetent one.

I always thought this show was a giant troll. Like “yesss white people learn Chinese good okay now I have your money bai.”

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Krikor Jabotian Spring/Summer 2013 Haute Couture

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Zuhair Murad fall 2013 couture details

Zuhair murad



Zuhair Murad fall 2013 couture details

Zuhair murad

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White Peach and Boursin Cheese Amuse-Bouche

I got to the point where I was considering showering more often to stave off boredom. I think creating an amuse-bouche was a more productive use of my time.

Recipe requires:

White peaches
Garlic and herb Boursin cheese spread
Ice cubes
Pita chips or crackers (I used a sea salt pita chip)

I mostly eyeballed amounts, but one medium-sized peach could probably yield ~25 or so crackers with maybe an eighth of the Boursin cheese round-patty-thing (I’m very official in my kitchen).


1. Cut the peach in half, remove the pit, and then cut the peach into cubes. Be sure to leave the skin. It gives the purée a nice color and texture. Also, The riper the peach, the better.

2. Place the peach cubes into a blender. Add half the volume of ice that there is peach cubes. Blend thoroughly.

3. Chill the purée (by leaving it in the refrigerator or however you want to accomplish this task) until you want to plate.

4. Arrange crackers for plating. You definitely want to plate right before serving otherwise your cracker/pita chip gets soggy. Add the purée on top of the chip. Then crumble the cheese a bit and add that too. I used chopsticks to plate the cheese, but see what works for you.

5. Garnish with mint! Either crush mint and place on top of the cheese or you could blend mint straight into the purée. I didn’t have mint on hand, so it’s not pictured.

Other note: You could probably change the cheese/fruit pairing. I just really like the combination of white peach and Boursin cheese.

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how could you not know?

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John Cho

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There were plenty of terrible Supreme Court decisions recently:


Gutted voting rights (Texas is already trying to suppress minority voters).

Stomped on workers’ rights, leaving them vulnerable to sexual and racial harassment.

Protected mega-corporations from liability.

— Undermined environmental progress.

Increased your prescription drug costs. 

Allowed police to access your DNA without a warrant. 

— Sided with giant corporation Monsanto over a soybean farmer

— Rolled back human rights protections *Updated

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24 Hours of Political Feeling

I’ve been trying really hard the synthesize the news from these past few days. A lot has happened, it feels, in a very short amount of time: Supreme Court rulings that affect voting rights, Proposition 8, and tribal sovereignty. Wendy Davis’s filibuster on the Texas State Senate floor with shout outs to the other Texas Democratic State Senators who helped her along the way, particularly Judith Zaffirini and Leticia Van de Putte, standing for health care access for all Texas residents. There are things to be sad about, things to be happy about, things to be disappointed in, and things to be inspired by. It’s been really hard to fix on one emotion through all of this. After parsing through for a couple hours, reading and thinking and reflecting, ultimately I am just worried.

Yes, some really great things happened in the last 24 hours. I wouldn’t for a second want the Prop 8 decision or the failure of SB5 to have gone any other way (except not to have been necessary at all). However, in the midst of all this news and information, especially all this celebration, I think a lot of people are severely underestimating the impact of SCOTUS’s Voting Rights Act decision.

I try not to delude myself about the current state of politics. I’m not going to appeal to people based on my belief in the continued need to fight for racial justice and against racism and white supremacy. The people who already care, already know, and the people who don’t care will continue not to care.

But if you consider yourself to be a liberal, a Democrat, a progressive, or whatever word you want to use, if you are in any way swaying or gently tilting left of center in any of your politics, and you live in the United States, the Voting Rights Act decision affects you. Because here’s the thing: people of color vote overwhelmingly Democrat. As post-racial as some people try to convince me the United States now is, Obama would not have won the last election if people of color were not allowed to vote. Now this decision on the Voting Rights Act? That might return the United States to being a place where people of color are not allowed to vote. Or have even more difficulty voting than they already do. That’s going to make electing Democrats into office even more difficult in places where the demographic has shifted but the political leadership remains entrenched. 

I know that Democrat does not equal L/liberal does not equal P/progressive and not all politicians who are Democrats fight for reproductive rights, gay rights, environmental rights, universal healthcare, or any or all of the things that are socially and economically on the left, but let’s be honest with ourselves. It sure as hell not going to be the Republicans who are going to fight for these things. They have proven that over and over again, that they only care about the well-being of certain (already privileged) segments of the population.

So I’m worried. Yes, I’m glad that all those clinics in Texas will get to stay open because (in my limited understanding) they provide much-needed healthcare access to Texas residents, reproductive and otherwise. And yes, I’m glad that restrictions to marriage have been reduced. But I’m worried about elections: local, state, or federal. I’m worried about the midterm elections next year and the presidential elections the year after that. I’m worried about who will be making our laws, and I’m worried about who will be selecting Supreme Court Justice nominees after 2016. Yes some things that we should celebrate have happened, but if progress has been made, we all have to remember that progress can be temporary and progress will be temporary if we are not vigilant and if we are not willing to continue to fight for all of us and not just for some of us.

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i kinda wish people outside of texas understood that this really isn’t about abortion and who can or cannot get pregnant. 

if this bill passes i will no longer have a doctor - a GP - because her office provides abortion services in select cases. it’s not just an office for women - centro med sees kids and men too. 

effectively this bill shuts down health care clinics that just happen to provide any abortion service. 

for people not understanding this yet

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Semper Eadem: The thing that’s bugging me SO MUCH right now about tumblr is they’re... ↘


The thing that’s bugging me SO MUCH right now about tumblr is they’re not focusing on the context of this filibuster: they don’t realize the immediate impact of this bill passing on thousands of people, people in the part of Texas where I’m from. They just see Wendy Davis being a badass. They…

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